Health Insurance Consumer Guides are Back Online! | Consumer ...
We are pleased to announce that the Health Insurance Consumer Guides are back on line! Thanks to an emergency grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we.  read more...

Rational Thinking and Pet Health Insurance | Online Credit Professor
If perception is reality then it occurs to me that the difference between a bad decision and a good one isn't so much the choice that's made but the resulting outcome of having made the choice. Think about it for a second.  read more...

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Health Insurance Quotes Made Easier. May 19, 2009 – 1:45 pm. Here are a few ideas that might help you save some serious frustration when you are searching online for health insurance quotes. Some online quotes seem really great. ...  read more...

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Term Life Insurance Rate
How simple it is today finding online term life insurance rates. At the click of your little mouse, fingers on the keyboard off we go into the world of cyber space. Never before have we had it so good...  read more...

Health Care Insurance For Self Employed
One of the things that is important to consider when you leave corporate America for the freedom of your own business is affordable health insurance. In fact, the reason most often cited for NOT t...  read more...

Costs to help reform health care : Chris Kallos
Highlights include WellPoint, Inc. (WLP), Humana Inc. (HUM), Coventry Health Care, Inc. (CVH), Health Net Inc. (HNT), Molina Healthcare, Inc. (MOH), Amerigroup Corporation (AGP) and Aetna Inc (AET). ...  read more...


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Open Question: BCBS Blue Options Health Insurance - Global Maternity Fee?
I'm hoping someone can explain the Global Maternity Fee? What is that and how does it work? How much am I looking at out of pocket? I couldn't get the chick at BCBS to answer my question. All she kept telling me was it was up to the doctor's office, that I may have to pay it all up front, throughout my pregnancy or at the end. Well how much am I looking at having to pay? Is it going to be more than if I were to just pay my copay every time or is it less? I was going to wait and call back tomorrow when I have more time to get more answers. I tried looking it up online but couldn't really find what I was looking for. I'm so frustrated because this wasn't on my statement of benefits. All it said was the I only had to pay a co-payment when they determined I was pregnant and then nothing for the rest of my pregnancy. Of course they don't throw the other stuff out there. I was hoping one of you could maybe explain it. Thanks in advance.   read more...

Open Question: Constant Health Insurance Calls?
I've literally gotten six or seven calls from different health insurance companies saying they're responding to my request for health benefit information. I...never requested anything from anyone. I don't know if my name got on some kind of a list or something--I assume it had to have since all of the companies are different. The only thing I've done the last week online is register to take the LSAT and I don't have any idea how the two could be connected. It's either that or some really weird elaborate thing where someone went to several different websites for different health insurers and gave them my cell phone number. but I'm not sure what kind of information you have to give them for them to call. If it's just a number, okay I'll deal with it, but should I worry that more extreme information's being given out? The only reason I ask is that all these companies are telling me I'm pre-approved. I'm used to that from credit-card companies but not insurance.. One of them kept talking about disability insurance--I'm not disabled in any way. Very confused. Anyone have any idea how this could have happened?   read more...

Open Question: Health insurance....?
I am not available for health insurance at my job because i am only part time. everytime i apply for health insurance online, i get turned down because of my credit or my health. i don't think it's right. i need some kind of insurance because i have to go to the doctor. what should i do?   read more...

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